Research and Special Projects

Silv-Econ’s staff have extensive experience in research on forest insects, roadside tree health, growth and yield, timber supply, and timber valuation. Our research staff have post graduate University degrees in forest sciences and a proven track record of providing results. We are often called upon to conduct specialized complex projects. Examples of our work include:      

  • Conducted timber supply analysis using the company’s mathematical model (BOREAL). The BOREAL model has been applied in estimating sustainable harvest levels for several Regional and County forests across southern Ontario,
  • Established forest growth monitoring plots on private properties. The data from these sites has been used to model future growth and timber value for estate planning and projections of potential revenue,
  • Developed a protocol to detect and monitor soil moisture in forest and urban settings.    
  • Research on effective rearing protocols and application of Hypena opulenta for dog strangling vine (DSV) biological control; developed an operational program for Hypena use in DSV management.

  • Conducted a stakeholder needs assessment for emerald ash borer (EAB) information and technology transfer. This resulted in the construction of an educational website for stakeholders managing EAB:

Woodlot Management

Silv-Econ has a demonstrated track record exceeding 20 years in sustainable forest management in southern Ontario. We have developed and implemented forest management plans for hundreds of private woodlands, Forest Ste​wardship Council certified forests, and forests managed in a municipal government environment. The company provides a full range of woodlot management services including management planning, forest inventory and Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping, silvicultural prescription development, tree marking, timber sales and harvest contract monitoring including cut inspections.

Silvicultural Operations Management

Silv-Econ staff are experienced in monitoring silvicultural operations and perform this service according to the company’s Forest Operating Procedures which meet the requirements for FSC Certification and adhere to Good Forestry Practices. We are routinely involved in management of timber sales on client properties and monitor operations to ensure adherence to timber sale contracts. This work entails regular inspections of harvesting operations. 

Good forestry practices means: “the proper implementation of harvest, renewal and maintenance a​​ctivities known to be appropriate for the forest and environmental conditions under which they are being applied and that minimize detriments to forest values including significant ecosystems, important fish and wildlife habitat, soil and water quality and quantity, forest productivity and health and the aesthetics and recreational opportunities of the landscape.” Forestry Act, R.S.O. 1990.

Forest Infrastructur​​e Planning & Construction

Silv-Econ develops specifications and budgets for capital infrastructure in forests including forest access road and recreational trail layout, construction, and maintenance. This work often requires preparation of environmental reports, arranging for all permits, materials and contractors (backhoe, culverts, and aggregate delivery), working with engineering drawings, and communicating with approval agencies to ensure compliance with relevant legislation. Examples of our work include:

  • Locating and managing forest access roads
  • Implementation of road reconstruction pr​oject to replace culverts, install beaver baffles, and make road repairs in the Halton Region Forest
  • Administration and monitoring of the design and installation of new gates at 18 entrances in the Halton Region Forest
  • ​Designed location of Nana-Bush trail system on Georgina Island and monitored installation of boardwalks

Tree Planti​ng Design and implementation

Silv-Econ’s staff have extensive practical and studied understanding of the science of growing trees. Staff have a combined history of having planted over 350,000 trees throughout Ontario, including seedlings, potted stock and calliper-sized trees. Our tree planting services have even been applied on former gravel pits, abandoned agricultural land and in forest settings.

Carbon Sink, a Division of Silv-Econ Ltd, is a Planting Delivery Agency for Forests Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program. Our tree planting programs involve site examination and preparation of a planting plan by a Registered Professional Forester, tree species selection, stock ordering, and implementation of planting activities.  Examples of our expertise in tree planting design and implementation include:

  • Afforestation prescriptions (Private landowners)

  • Preparation of an ​afforestation guidebook (York Region)

  • Development and implementation of a roadside planting plan on RavenshoeRoad, (York Region)

  • Contract monitoring of tree planting during reconstruction activities​ along Dufferin Street (York Region)

managed forest plans

Silv-Econ’s staff includes managed forest plan approvers, authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to prepare, review and approve plans for the Province’s Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP). Silv-Econ has prepared and maintains plans for more than 150 woodlot owners and about 7,000 hectares of land.


The company has extensive experience preparing and maintaining forest operating plans, forest management plans and strategic forest management plans for a range of clients. We have a proven track record of working collaboratively with other companies and agencies on larger, strategic projects. We work closely with our clients, partners and advisory groups to develop practical and innovative strategies that achieve their objectives. Examples include:

  • Forest Operating Plans (Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation, Wasauksing First Nation, York Regional Forest, Halton Region Forest, Peterborough County Forest, Lennox & Addington County Forest)
  • Forest Management Plans (Halton Region Forest, Peterborough County Forest)
  • Strategic Forest Management Plans (York Region with SLR, Halton Conservation)
  • Green Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (York Region with OPUS)
  • Forest Inventory (Wasauksing First Nation, York Region, Halton Conservation, Halton Region)
  • Recreational Trail Mapping (York Region, Halton Region, Peterborough County Forest, Wasauksing First Nation, private woodlot owners)
  • Ash Tree Management and Monitoring Program (Chippewa's of Georgina Island)